Third Party QA/QC and Inspection services is an integral part of the quality control and safety practices utilized in a variety of industry sectors. MIT international provides clients with comprehensive Third Party QA/QC and Inspection services.  

The purpose of third party observation and documentation is to provide detailed written and photographic records of installation, placement and inspection of materials used during the construction process. An accurate and reliable observation inventory record contributes to the overall quality and success of your project. This documentation can be particularly helpful when hidden elements of construction come into question, especially when verification testing or observation would require costly and destructive demolition and replacement work.

Site visits are conducted by our experienced technicians who prepare written and photographic records of construction components, which are documented according to the specific needs of the client. This documentation provides details of the activities, materials, and methods occurring on the jobsite during various phases of construction.

MIT International personnel can be embedded within client's project teams in addition to being utilized on an as needed basis. We are able to provide QA/QC Technicians, Weld Inspectors and support personnel for construction projects.