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committed to safety excellence


  • Ensure compliance with all applicable safety and health standards, regulations and laws.
  • Implement the safety program with the cooperation and expressed commitment of clients and employees.
  • Assure ongoing training in applicable OSHA standards, client requirements, personal and workplace safety.
  • No job is important that an employee has to be put at risk.
  • We are all empowered to stop unsafe acts.


Our Safety program includes:

  • Our HSE department oversees field operations and the compliance of MIT International safety procedures.     
  • Safety training program: Before and after jobs also we have quarterly meetings for our office personal as well as field personal.
  • Prior to any job we discuss all Job Hazard Assessments (JHAs), which includes all field tested safety procedures.
  • All our vehicles and other movable equipment has a GPS monitoring system, so tracking is possible for safety measure at all times.



  • Make sure we take responsibility for our own and each other’s safety.  Also report all safety hazards, injuries and incidents.
  • Improve by learning from our experiences.  Stop and/or report unsafe practices.
  • Take the initiative to stop unsafe acts. 



Remember Safety First

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